Katie Holmes Treats Movie Crew to... Treats

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We apologize for this post right away, because it makes Amy Winehouse's lovey-dovey comments on Blake Fielder-Civil seem monumentally important.

This is celebrity gossip at its worst. The kind of thing you're forced to report when you're working a double shift on a national holiday.

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It's either a slow news decade in Louisiana, or Katie Holmes gets a lot more publicity than is really necessary.

We're guessing it's the latter, but we're happy to report that for the crew working on Katie Holmes' new movie, Mad Money, in Shreveport, La., TGIF means "Treats and Goodies, It's Friday."

Forgive us while we pull a Mischa Barton and go throw up the treats and goodies we ate last night.

The actress has been treating her fellow cast and crew to a tasty surprise every week. This Friday's special? Snow cones in "every flavor you could think of," an insider tells People.

"We're always wondering all week, 'What's Katie going to do this Friday?" the source says. "The snow cones were great because it's in the high 80s. They melt fast, but it's great."

A snow cone truck pulled up to the set around 3 p.m. Friday, and as word spread among the cast and crew, a line quickly formed to share in the shaved ice and flavored syrup treats that are popular in the South.

Lame as she is, you have to commend Katie's good spirit. You think porn star Katee Holmes treats the staff of her films like this?

Or Lindsay Lohan? The raging Crotch of Fire would probably just have her dealer roll in and distribute flasks, dime bags and eight balls.

Since shooting began on Mad Money, a comedy also staring Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah and Ted Danson, Holmes has treated the entire cast and crew â€" 200-300 people â€" to a treat!

"The first Friday was smoothies," the insider says. "Then we had the ice cream, pizza, cupcakes, Coke floats and now snow cones."

No, not the Lohan kind of coke.

Hubby Tom Cruise and daughter Suri Cruise are frequent visitors to the set.

Suri Cruise was even there on Friday without Tom Cruise.

"She was walking down the hall today - someone waved and said 'hi,' and she just giggled," says the source. "She's a happy baby."

Good to see the spirit of Scientology is strong with her.


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