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Could it be that Brooke Hogan is no longer our least favorite “Hogan” in Hollywood?

Might Dina Lohan not be the most insane family member of a celebrity?

 The Hollywood Gossip staff is being forced to face such harsh realities now that Donna Hogan has opened her crazy mouth.

The half-sister of Anna Nicole Smith is apparently focused on remaking herself — fake, giant breasts included – into an Anna-clone, just months after Smith’s passing.

Hogan wants to get a Heidi Montag (aka “boob job”) and yearns to convince Hugh Hefner to put her in Playboy, just like he did with Kristine Lefebvre, she told Steppin’ Out (via Page Six). But she’s not gonna go quite as far as Anna did.

Hogan revealed in her recent tell-all biography of Anna, “Train Wreck: Anna Nicole Smith Unauthorized,” that her half-sister’s’ “double enhancement” gave her brutal back pain. It’s a problem we’re guessing Jessica Simpson can relate to.

But Hogan also says she has unorthodx plans for Anna’s lawyer-lover Howard K. Stern, who she calls a “creepy little weasel-looking thing” and then adds: “I’ll just torture him … act like I like him, then just walk away and leave him like that, all sexually frustrated.”

Take note, Larry Birkhead: you may wish to keep Dannielynn away from her aunt.