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There must not have been an In-n-Out Burger within sight, because Britney Spears was spotted yesterday chowing down on a different kind of snack.

What’s left of her fingernails, that is.

Wearing a weird green weave holder (whatever that is) on her head, the living, breathing fashion faux pas chomped on her hands while waiting at a stoplight in Beverly Hills.

Clearly she’s musing about something. Poor girl.

Could it have been …

  1. … Whether or not to tease the paparazzi by giving them a glimpse of her boobs, as her tank top strap falls down her arm?
  2. … Whether to take care of item #1 on this list, then turn around and complain about the paparazzi ruining her life?
  3. … Whether to get tickets to see Terra Jole and a mini-Fedex duke it out on a Las Vegas stage?
  4. … Whether she left Sean P. at the tanning salon?
  5. … Whether to put Simon Cowell on her new death list?
  6. … Whether to wear underwear the next time she goes clubbing?
  7. … Whether to get visit Howie Day for another rehab booty call?
  8. … Whether to finally let us see Jayden James?

We may never know for sure.

But we can tell you for damn sure that our celebrity gossip spies will track the troubled star’s every move until she kicks the bucket or Perez Hilton gets shut down.