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New Scientology cult member Katie Holmes is making herself comfortable in Shreveport, La., where she was set to begin shooting a new movie on Monday.

Louisiana is, of course, the home state of the great Britney Spears. Yesterday, Holmes paid tribute to the troubled pop star by partaking in one of her favorite pastimes: visiting the local Target.

Katie Holmes Snuggles Suri Cruise

“I met some really great people, and it was nice,” Katie Holmes told the Shreveport Times.

“They did recognize me, and it was a pleasure meeting them. We had nice chats about kids, and it was lovely.”

Holmes, 28, is in Louisiana to film the movie Mad Money with Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton. In the comedy from Thelma & Louise scribe Callie Khouri, the women play coworkers plotting to rob the Federal Reserve Bank.

“I’m pumped,” Holmes told the Times Friday night in a group interview with Khouri, Keaton and costar Ted Danson at the Eldorado Resort Casino.

“I loved it from the second I read it,” said Holmes, who’s rumored to be a prisoner in her own home. “I love interesting female characters, and this is full of them.”

So is our news section devoted to sex tapes.

Anyway. What appealed to Mrs. Tom Cruise regarding her character?

“She’s funny, she’s smart and just a little bit misunderstood,” she said, glancing mischievously at Keaton.

“She’s involved in this crime, but she’s delighted to just be a part of something and have girlfriends for the first time. She’s a type of person who creates a happier environment than she’s actually in. … I like that about her. She’s a free spirit.”

Holmes is reportedly being kept on a tight leash during filming.

Husband Tom Cruise recently finished being stalked, and making his new movie, Lions for Lambs, and is due to join Holmes on April 18 in Shreveport, where he will monitor her every move.

For little Asian baby Suri Cruise, watching Mom at work should be a treat:

“It’s another project we’re going to handle together, and that’s part of the fun,” Holmes said.