Hugh Grant Arrested For Baked Bean Attack on Paparazzi

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As celebrity gossip goes, this is amusing.

As celebrity arrests go, it's contending with Eve for today's best.

Hugh Grant Mug Shot

Hugh Grant was arrested for throwing a container of baked beans at a paparazzi member... who also alleges that Hugh kicked him and stated he hopes his children die of cancer.

It all started when the photographer was in a London neighborhood trying to take photos of Elizabeth Hurley. She lives near Hugh, and they're on good terms even though they're broken up and she's married to Arun Nayar.

When Hugh showed up at her place one recent afternoon, the photographed asked him to smile for the cameras and that's when he freaked out.

Grant was arrested and taken to the police station for questioning.

He was later released. While there's little doubt that the bean-hucking incident took place (see photo), Grant's rep said that the Love Actually star didn't make those comments about the photographer's children.

Baked beans... that's a new one. At least he didn't use an umbrella. Maybe he and fellow food-thrower Pete Doherty can get together and cook up a nice meal.