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Like white trash older brother, like deadbeat younger brother.

Or something. Kevin Federline’s brother, Cameron Federline, has gone to jail for boozing and serving alcohol to minors, according to Star Magazine.

Little Jayden James Federline would be so ashamed of his uncle.

According to records obtained from Pendleton Municipal Court, 20-year-old Cameron Federline — a minor — was arrested by the Pendleton Police at midnight on March 4, during a raucous party at his family home.

At an April 3 court appearance, the younger brother of Kevin Federline pled guilty to the charges of “providing liquor to minors” (other underage partygoers), “illegal possession of alcohol by a minor” and “illegal possession of alcohol by a minor by consumption.”

He was drinking, as well. Stunning. No word on whether Lindsay Lohan was among the minors served, or whether she serviced everyone in attendance.

Cameron was sentenced to 90 days in jail, 85 of which were suspended under the condition that he have no new arrests in one year, pay a $708 fine, and attend a victim’s impact panel on alcohol abuse.

He immediately began serving his five-day jail sentence, and was scheduled for release on April 7. Maybe he and that ass bag Jason Wahler – also arrested on underage drinking charges last month – can be cellmates.

Regardless, let this be a lesson to all you minors not to abuse the booze.

Hopefully, Cameron’s former sister-in-law, Britney Spears, is reading this breaking story and realizing how important it is that she stay clean.