Vote for Antonella Barba. Now.

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Gentlemen, we beg of you.

Take your eyes off those Antonella Barba photos for a minute and find a telephone.

The American Idol hopeful needs your help.

She was less than stellar signing Celine Dion on the show last night. But, come on viewers, Antonella should get credit for even trying a song by this amazing artist. It's really hard to sing that well.

As hard as the dude in a Antonella Barba porn pic? Maybe not. But still.

The point is simple, folks: American Idol needs Barba to remain in the competition.

The program's act is getting old. Great singers, heated banter between Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, yadda, yadda, yadda.

It needs something fresh. Something almost as raunchy as Keeley Hazell nude, but for the kids. And who cares if Antonella isn't the best singer on the planet?

Neither is Ryan Seacrest and he's been on the show for six years.

Think about it.

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