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We know how excited you are about still images of Kim Kardashian nude from her sex tape with Ray J. Put those out of your mind for a moment, though, and focus on exciting new movie shots from Spider-Man 3. The film hits theaters this summer.

But you don’t need to wait any longer to see how Tobey Maguire looks in black as our favorite webbed super hero. The answer: sleek, sexy and on the prowl for bad guys.

In the upcoming movie, one of those bad guys is played by Thomas Haden Church. He’s best known at the moment for his role in Sideways, but that should change after he plots something evil against Spider-Man and his love, Mary Jane, in a couple months.

That part is played by Kirsten Dunst, of course. We couldn’t track down any pics of her right now, though. Probably because she’s too busy dating every single actor in Hollywood.