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Oprah Winfrey
is NOT gay.

Just in case you still were unsure.

Now, we’re finding out that the talk show goddess is not alone in her un-gayness. According to actress Shana Wall, her ex-boyfriend is straight. Once you find out who it is, though, you’ll see why this is news.

Ryan Seacrest on Satellite

“[Ryan Seacrest] is not gay, nor is he bisexual,” Shana said. “We had an amazing and passionate relationship for a few years, and we are still very close.”

Got that, Simon Cowell?!? Ryan Seacrest is a very, very good lover of women!

For all we know, this year’s best looking American Idol contestant, Haley Scarnato, has already found that out. In other news, word of Seacrest’s manly attributes has a certain D-list celebrity very mad.

That’s right, Ryan: Ray J is prepared to out sex you any day of the week.