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We’ve already compared their celebrity babies – and the results were mixed. Just who is cuter, Shiloh Nouvel or Suri Cruise?

Actually, hold off on that debate. We’ve got another one for you.

We’re taking the three most famous couples in Hollywood – or at least the three with the best nicknames and the most pics available – and throwing them into battle. Will Brangelina come out on top due its charitable efforts?

Tom Cruise in 2015
Photo via Getty Images

Or might people be afraid to vote against TomKat due to the couple’s craziness?

It’s hard to say. But Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are making a late charge for top celebrity marriage. They are pretty darn cute, you have to admit, no matter how much you hated Daredevil.

So let us know which pairing you prefer, fans. Or maybe you think another twosome deserves a chance to shine. Maybe Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner?

Write in. Let us know.