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What’s freakier than a Janice Dickinson crotch shot?

How about Michael Jackson doing just about anything!

With armed security and entourage in tow, Mr. Neverland and his hooded, veiled freak show children landed at LAX Wednesday, after their circus barnstorming tour of Japan and England.

Best Dancer Ever?
(AFP/Getty Images)

Debbie Rowe and the mother ship were nowhere to be found, but Prince Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson and Prince Michael II, a.k.a. Blanket, followed their freaky (King of?) Pop through security en route to ground transportation…. 

PHOTO CREDITS: Bauer-Griffin

The gang allegedly flew commercial. Suckers. Gone are the days of private jets. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Wonder if they saw Britney Spears over at the baggage claim area.

Too bad Japan couldn’t keep MJ over there, since they adore him so much. We’re guessing America wouldn’t mind. Heck, we could throw in John Mayer as a bonus.