Jennifer Hudson Receives Celebrity Advice

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Her career is certainly not in jeopardy, but Jennifer Hudson has been receiving a bit of criticism recently.

Recent comments made by the former American Idol star, not exactly thanking a certain FOX reality show for its star-making influence, along with other supposedly diva-like behavior have hurt this singer's reputation.

Jennifer Hudson at the Grammys

But don't worry, J-Hud, if someone would pay $500,000 for a diary written by Anna Nicole Smith, anything is possible. You should be able to turn it around in no time. Below, in fact, some celebrities offer advice on just how you can:

"Jennifer has to follow her intuition ... I'd look for something next that's just fun. Do a silly comedy if it's in your gut." - Kirsten Dunst

"I'd suggest Jennifer do a straight drama or comedy ... musicals are a limited genre and you can't really make a career out of that." - John Travolta

"I would do some drama if I were her. That's what I was really impressed by in Dreamgirls. I knew she was a great singer." - Randy Jackson

"I'd back the heck up and know my role, biatch. Beyonce is in the house." - Beyonce Knowles

We may have made that last one up.


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