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Yes, Antonella Barba can do more with her mouth than … nevermind.

The booted American Idol contestant appeared on Ryan Seacrest’s morning show this morning on KIIS FM and she spoke candidly about everything thats been going on in her life.

When asked about the controversy that actually made her more searched for on the Web than Britney Spears for a few weeks, Antonella said:

“It was unnecessary, it was hard to deal with it, it was an unnecessary distraction … trying to stay off the Internet, some nervousness.”

“I tried to get through it … my family has been so supportive, they told me to stay focused and we will worry about all that later.”

For now, Barba told Ryan she would stay in Los Angeles for a while longer to see what offers come her way. She’s already been asked to host a porn party, of course.

Antonella says that singing is her number one priority, but would take acting offers if they came along. Call us crazy, but a Barba/Kristin Cavallari pairing would set Hollywood on fire.