Photo Finish: Middle-Aged Long-Haired Man Style

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There's a trend emerging in Hollywood these days. No, not going to the club commando style or releasing a sex tape of yourself as a career boost. At least that's not what we're referring to right now.

If these two prominent stars are an indication, middle-aged actors going the long-haired route may soon become commonplace. And we're not sure yet if that's a good thing. It certainly doesn't work for John Mayer - but then again, he's not middle-aged. Hopefully he'll be out of the public eye before he gets to that point.

Carrey On, Jim

ANYWAY. At left, we have annoying actor Nicolas Cage, 43, who's rocking the long locks and contemplating why he hasn't been in a good movie in years. At right, screwball comic Jim Carrey, 45, sports a similar hairdo.


Which of these guys wears it better? We're going to have to go with Carrey, if only because he is currently shacking up with Jenny McCarthy.

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