As the Anna Nicole Smith Baby's Daddy's World Turns ...

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Just when you thought the Anna Nicole Smith saga couldn't get any weirder ...

A man currently in prison is now claiming to be the father of Dannielynn Hope Marhsall Stern. But before we get to that nonsense, let's talk about the most recent paternity test.

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Prince Frederic von Anhalt has officially filed court papers in Santa Monica, seeking to establish paternity of Dannielynn. The husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor, who's obviously not the least bit of a nut job, said the following in regard to his status as possible papa:

"It could be me, it could be another three, it could be another ten, who knows? ... I know when I have an affair with someone I don't ask what you did yesterday and what you do tomorrow," and added, "those are the rules when you're in bed!"

Naturally. We could've asked Kim Kardashian for those.

As for the latest entry into the Dannielynn Hope father pool, his name is Mark "Hollywood" Hatten. And he's currently serving a seven year sentence in Pleasant Valley State Prison.

In a letter to and the TV show, Extra, Hatten says he donated sperm to Anna Nicole in 2000 when the two were having lots of casual sex dating.

Smith's response, according to this letter (pictured), was: "Congratulations Mr. Hollywood, you just made a deposite (sic) in the Anna Nicole sperm bank."

Well ... okay then.

Don't ask us to make heads, tails or fathers out of this absurdity. We just report the facts and rumors we hear them. All we know is this:

Give Dannielynn to Larry Birkhead. The guy actually seems like a decent, normal human being. Not to mention the obvious dad of this poor little girl.


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