Anna Nicole Smith Update: Boob Job Related Death, Howard K. Stern Related Insult

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What killed Anna Nicole Smith?

The cause is still unclear - but a pair of recent reports could link her demise to recent plastic surgery. Or a recently angered Howard K. Stern.

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MSNBC's Rita Cosby reports that Anna Nicole may have had recent breast surgery to repair one of her implants.

As a result of the procedue, the former Playmate reportedly had also been prescribed over 10 different types of pain medication, and may have been taking excessive amounts because she developed a tolerance to the effects.

In addition, Cosby's sources tell her that Anna Nicole was found by a member of her staff - unresponsive and nude in her bed, with a sheet pulled over her face. This source had no comment on the recent statements made by Prince Frederick von Anhalt.

Death from cosmetic plastic surgeries occurs in one out of 57,000 cases, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Meanwhile, others reports state that Anna Nicole hadn't been treating Stern so kindly before her death.

According to a New York boxing promoter cited by the New York Daily News, Smith dissed Stern at a boxing match in Florida last month.

"She ignored him," said promoter and radio host Aaron Braunstein. "She treated him like a little bug. Like a mosquito."

Could a hurt Stern, afraid of losing custory of Dannielyn Hope - along with millions of dollars - actually gone all OJ on Anna as a result of such treatment? No one knows at the moment.


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