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Sorry, fellas, these are not nude Katie Rees photos.

But they’re still pics of the former Miss Nevada, doing what she does best: No, not judging female orgasm contests. Just partying it up like the young hottie that she is.

Seen here, Rees is making like the Tara Conner of old.

She was spotted at Body English night club in Las Vegas until 3:45 a.m. over the weekend – and why shouldn’t she be? The estranged pageant queen is just taking advantage of her looks and few moments in the spotlight.

As long as Lauren Conrad wasn’t her designated driver on the way home, we commend this beauty for enjoying herself while still young.

We just hope Katie Rees doesn’t blame us for f%#$ing her over that night. It’s our job to run photos such as this, ok?

We also assume that was the job of this guy that night.