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Forget TomKat. We haven’t seen that couch-jumping freak in weeks.

We are all about PoshKat now.

Oh yes. The pair of A-list wives, who are quickly morphing into robotic drones before our eyes, came together once again this week. The once-hot Victoria Beckham and the once-cute Katie Holmes took their BFF lovefest tour to Paris, known as the City of Scientology Lights. Below are some pictures of these loons:

Katie Holmes Snuggles Suri Cruise


The ladies (left), dressed in basic black, caused their usual flashbulb frenzy on Tuesday as they arrived for the opening of a new Armani store in Paris. The emaciated but fashionable wife of David Beckham sported an au courant bubble-shaped dress, while Katie donned the latest in K-Mart chic. Good times.

Later, Holmes (right) makes a stunning arrival sans husband Tom Cruise in head-to-toe white for the Armani fashion show. Which we’re sure was awesome.