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Brooke Hogan is not talented.

But at least she doesn’t do drugs.

“Everyone thinks you need to take green tea or energy pills [to stay up] and then sleeping pills [to come back down], and I don’t do anything,” Hogan said to TV Guide.

Brooke Hogan at 2017 Grammys
(Getty Images)

“If you leave your body to naturally handle the stresses, it will. God made your body to be a mechanism to defend itself.”

Unless you’re Kate Bosworth and God made your body to to disappear.

Ironically, Brooke’s biggest musical contributor on Undiscovered is someone who worships the chronic almost as much as Snoop Dogg:

Scott Storch, whose beats are heard on tracks from artists such as Dr. Dre, Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent and Christina Aguilera, and who is the founding father behind Hogan’s label, SMC (Storch Music Company). Did Hogan and Storch’s respective creative outlets of choice ever conflict in the studio?

“Absolutely not,” said Hogan. “My dad would sit in the room the entire time that I was recording so no one ever offered me anything [like that], because they were afraid of my dad.”

Also, despite awful album sales, Brooke is satisfied with the final product.

“I’m definitely happy with the album,” she said. “When I first stepped into the studio, the best advice I got from someone was to not record everything over and over again, because when you do that you loose a piece of originality every time. When I step back and review it all, I’m proud and wouldn’t change a thing.”

Even how bad it is, Brooke? Anyway, with the new year here, Hogan isn’t pulling a Kristen Cavallari and swearing off swearing. Instead, her goal is as follows:

“Score a platinum record.”

Yeah. That’ll happen.