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Kristin Cavallari knows a thing or two about sports.

After all, she was friends with, then possibly slept with Jason Wahler, who was a pretty decent high school jock (and total meathead). There were also the rumors linking her to former USC quarterback Matt Leinart back when he was still in college.

But that doesn’t mean Kristin can stomach bad basketball, which she took in during a recent Knicks/Bucks game at Madison Square Garden. Her facial expression says all you need to know about the quality of the Knicks… or the conversation with the guy next to her named Eugene Remm. She looks about as excited to be there as Britney Spears is about pants.

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Good thing Lauren Conrad wasn’t there. Otherwise, a full-on cat fight may have broken out in the courtside seats. Which may be more fun to watch than the Knicks, come to think of it.