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Sorry, folks, you’ve missed your chance to hang a picture of Stephen Colbert – posing in front of another picture of Stephen Colbert – in your living room.

Chad Walldorf’s chain of barbecue restaurants has beaten you to it. The business paid $50,605 for the portrait, which The Colbert Report sold on e-Bay. The money went to charity.

Stephen Colbert Holds Emmy

The painting had hung above the fireplace on the set of the Comedy Central show, depicting a debonair Colbert standing in front of a similar portrait of himself. Colbert announced the winner on Tuesday’s show – but he still isn’t running for president with Jon Stewart.

Walldorf and his business partners, who oversee 17 Sticky Fingers restaurants throughout the South, intend to mount the portrait in their restaurant in Charleston, S.C., Colbert’s hometown.

“We don’t know much about art, but figured any time you can get two portraits for the price of one, then it must be a great deal … It’s like a buy-one-get-one-free on the American Dream,” Walldorf told The Associated Press.

Sort of. But an even better deal, Mr. Walldorf, is that you could’ve had Lindsay Lohan for free if you just drove by her street corner and rolled down your window.

Proceeds from the painting will benefit Westport, Conn.-based Save the Children.

We saw it as a way to invest in a great cause while … doing something that we thought would be fun for our employees and customers,” Walldorf said.

While this may not be the same as Brad Pitt building homes for Habitat for Humanity, it’s still a very nice gesture.