Uh-Oh: Ben Affleck Isn't Done Breeding

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The man who hugs Barack Obama wants to do a lot more with his wife.

We're talking about full-on, unprotected intercourse. How else will Ben Affleck satisfy his desire to father more children?

Lonely Ben Affleck

The father of Violet Anne Affleck, who turns 1 on December 1, told Ellen DeGeneres he wants more children, though just how many more seems open to discussion.

Affleck's response to the question of expanding his brood was: "You know … sure, I would love to... I think I should probably talk to my wife before I talk to yo" about how many more, however.

Affleck's wife, of course, is the lovely Jennifer Garner. We think she could do a lot better.
Meanwhile, her husband said he purposefully took time off for a year or two because "I was a little bit exhausted of myself and my life, so I wanted to try to control it or manage it."

We can respect that. We can also hope Brooke Hogan follows that advice and takes time off to manager her professional life. About 37 years should do it.

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