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And we continue to commend her for it.

On the heels of a successful divorce party, Shanna Moakler is back on the attack.

She isn’t through bashing Paris Hilton, mainly because this isn’t the first time the HO-tel heiress has tapped an ex of Moakler immediately following their break-up.

Carter Reum, Wife
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Apparently, Paris previously dated boxer Oscar de la Hoya after he split from then fiancee and mother of his youngest child, Shanna.

“For her to do it not once, but twice, was in the poorest of taste,” Moakler said about the evil sister of Nicky Hilton. “I think it was all done on purpose and it absolutely devastated me. It was really painful.”

Of course, Shanna isn’t just blaming Hilton. She isn’t the biggest fan of ex-husband, Travis Barker, these days, either.

“For him to go with her was probably a very vindictive, spiteful thing to do.”

Probably. But we should all take a lesson from Shar Jackson here. She isn’t bitter about K-Fed knocking her up and leaving her for another woman. Think about that, Shanna.