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It must be surprising awards season.

First, Ben Affleck actually won a trophy for good acting.

Now, Glamour magazine has given Sandra Bullock the “Undercover Activist” award at the magazine’s “Women of the Year” Awards 2006 Monday night at NYC’s Carnegie Hall.

Sandra Bullock is a Winner
Photo via Getty Images for The People’s Choice Awards

We like Bullock and she deserves to be honoroed for quietly donating millions to the Red Cross after September 11 and the 2004 tsunami. We were just surprised to hear the news.

Other recipients on the evening included Queen Latifah, supermodel Iman, tennis legend Billie Jean King, and more.

Barbara Walters took time away from preventing a fight between Elizabeth Hasselback and Rosie O’Donnell to talk glowingly about Bullock. Sort of.

The View host told a story about interviewing Bullock in the early 90s when she was still an up-and-coming actress. The two went fishing together and Walters described Bullock as a tomboy.

“I thought she was very beautiful and talented. But I also thought, ‘Honey, you’re never going to make it,'” Walters told the audience. “She just wasn’t self-involved enough for this business … She was smart, dignified and she talked about her love of her family, and I said to myself, ‘No way. She’s a one film star.'”

So you need to be self-involved and spoiled to make it in Hollywood? Damn, Paris Hilton does have a future in that case.

Walters continued: “But then she was cast in a huge action movie called Speed, and her career took off. There’s an old Hollywood myth about the bright-eyed girl who arrives in Los Angeles right off the bus, ready to become a star. Sandra Bullock did it backwards — she got on the bus and became a star!”

In her acceptance speech, Bullock, 42, teased Billie Jean King, saying: “Thank you for being an icon physically. I couldn’t play tennis, but I tried. It just didn’t work out for me.”

Also on hand to support the award winners were Bullock’s husband Jesse James, Catherine Zeta Jones, Rosario Dawson, Stephen Colbert, Emmy Rossum, Marianne Pearl, and rocker David Bowie.