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Incredibly, former OC star Mischa Barton is seen here enjoying stroll — sips of what may be nutrients — Tuesday on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California. Then again, we can’t confirm anything, since it just might be a $23 designer latte. Biatch.

In addition to her risky fashion choices, Barton continues to sport another accessory: a mystery wrist bandage. Why is she wearing that? We’ve got a theory. It involves Mischa being so emaciated that she sprained it while picking up one of her precious designer bags, which are manufactured by impoverished children in third-world sweatshops.

Mischa Barton on The Hills

On Barton’s right is her boyfriend, Cisco Adler. Who the f*&k is Cisco Adler, you ask? We have no idea, but he’s obviously a tool. We know this because:

  1. He dates Mischa Barton.
  2. He hasn’t mastered the whole straw-in-mouth thing.