Have It Your Way with Diddy TV

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Being a soon-to-be father isn't enough for Diddy. He also wants to sort of own the airwaves.

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The rap mogul is teaming up with Burger King to co-brand a channel on YouTube called "Diddy TV." And, yes, we agree: this is the oddest pairing since John Kerry and Lil Kim.

Fans can visit "Diddy TV" beginning October 7 for a personal message from the celebrity, as well exclusive access to music tracks and video clips from Diddy's upcoming album, "Press Play," which hits stores October 17.

BK will also sponsor Diddy's fall 2006 CD tour. Considering this Diddy picture, we expected a somewhat classier company to be involved.

"I'm having it my way on this album, and it's been a great journey for me, so I'm grateful for partners like Burger King Corporation that are helping me bring a fresh sound to my fans," Sean Combs said. "They share my passion for being tastemakers and giving the people what they want."

Wow. Forget the award for sexiest person alive (and congrats, again, Scarlett Johansson); Diddy just won for best corporate shill.

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