Donald Faison Macks CaCee Cobb; Zach Braff Wants In

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Just kidding. Zach Braff was not even in the same pic as those two.

Simpson in Paris

Did we fool you? If so, sorry. But were we really lying? He probably would want to hit that -- the Scrubs star is single, and a red-blooded male, after all.

Nevertheless, it's his Scrubs co-star, Donald Faison, who's moving in on that piece. They're dating. In this pic, he's escorting the lovely CaCee Cobb to the L.A. hot spot Hyde, which may be the only club in Southern California.

Cobb, of course, is the former BFF and personal assistant to Ms. Jessica Simpson. Emphasis on former. She couldn't hack it after awhile. It's a hard life, being a celebrity's bitch and having a retarded name, to boot. Listening, Rumer Willis?

In the picture at left, Braff was attending the Hollywood screening of the Lifetime film, Why I Wore Lipstick To My Mastectomy, which stars another Scrubs cast member, Sarah Chalke. Braff did hit that piece. On screen at least.

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