David Hasselhoff to MTV: Thanks, but I'm the Hoff

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David Hasselhoff has pulled out of co-presenting the MTV European Video Music Awards after claiming the show's producers had no taste.

This from a man who used to talk to his car.

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The 1980s style icon was due to present the awards with Justin Timberlake on November 2nd in Copenhagen, but the Sunday Mirror claims the Hoff balked once he saw the night's script.

Apparently the 54-year-old, who recently climbed the UK chart with "Jump in My Car," was not prepared to deliver such set-pieces as ripping off his co-presenters shirt and remarking "you need to get some more chest hairs like me."

Another planned scene involved the girlfriend of Cameroz Diaz wondering where Hasselhoff had gone, only for the camera to pan out to a Jacuzzi offstage where the Baywatch actor was entertaining some ladies with champagne.

"It was all tongue-in-cheek stuff, but Mr Hasselhoff didn't find it funny," an MTV source said. "He told them he's a massive star in Europe - and doesn't want to be made fun of. MTV had spent a month on the scripts and are gutted the Hoff pulled out at the last minute."

So are we. But we can at least take solace in these Kristin Cavallari pictures.


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