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When your stepfather is only 28 years old – and is most well-known for a reality TV show based on celebrity pranks – it may not be so easy to take his advice.

Nevertheless, Rumer Willis to listen up.

In at least one instance, your quasi dad, Ashton Kutcher, knows what he’s talking about.

Ashton Kutcher Testifies
(AFP/Getty Images)

According to Life & Style Weekly, Kutcher believes “education is very important … and he’s afraid Rumer will think partying is better than studying.”

Even worse, of course, is who Rumer has actually been living it up with: uber-skank, Lindsay Lohan. Reports have even stated that Willis is the personal assistant for Lohan, which can only mean she fans the flames of Lindsay’s firecrotch and fluffs the pillow for the actress before every evening’s sexual conquest.

And she’s loving it! The same publication quotes a source as saying: “Rumer can’t stop gushing about how cool Lindsay is. [She] feels honored by Lindsay’s attention.”

So the issue here isn’t what Ashton said or didn’t say; it’s why Rumer’s real father, Bruce Willis, hasn’t stepped up and gone Die Hard on his daughter’s behind.

It’s bad enough you gave her that name, Bruce. Don’t let her ruin her life because of it.