What's the Diddy? In Britain, Not the Rap Mogul

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In Englad, drivers use the left side of the road.

Residents refer to water fountains as "bubblers."

Diddy on Stage

And Sean Combs can no longer go by the name Diddy.

It truly is a different world.

At least the mogul can keep his name in The State, but a disgruntled little-known music producer has won a lawsuit over naming rights in Great Britain.

Combs - the father-to-be - agreed to pay more than 100,000 pounds in legal costs and 10,000 pounds in damages to Richard Dearlove as part of a settlement sealed earlier this week at the High Court in London.

Dearlove, who has traded under the Diddy name since 1992, sued Combs after the rapper dropped the P from his moniker, using laws designed to protect commercial interests from unfair competition.

"He changed his name to Diddy. I was gutted," Dearlove told The Guardian newspaper.

"I started getting emails from Puerto Rican girls asking if they could be in my video and people were asking me to look at their clothing line."

Yeah. That's a real bummer, Mr. Dearlove. Give Diddy a break, will ya? The man just wants to be able to change his nickname every now and then in order to remain fresh.

Guess it could be worse, though. This guy could've gone under the name "Gold-Digging Ho Bag." Then what would Brits call Heather Mills?


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The concert changed my life. I was so impressed and inspired. I fell in love with hip hop again.

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I think that it's important for me to mature and evolve as an artist... I'm trying to get my Black Bruce Willis on.