Stars Come Out to Celebrate Summer

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Summer is coming to an end. No, not the character played by Rachel Bilson on The O.C. (although that show's days are also numbered).

We mean the actual season. As sun gives way to clouds and, eventually, snow, let's take a look at how some celebrities took advantage - or suffered through court-ordered punishments - of the warm months ...

Kate Hudson fought off rumors about an affair with Owen Wilson as August drew to a close - but at least she can splash her problems away when the need arises.

Kate Hudson Lunch Photo

What's a gorgeous, engaged actress to do before her wedding day arrives other than judge a dog contest? Elizabeth Hurley doesn't know.

Elizabeth Hurley Summer Dress

Boy George probably wishes he spent time rolling in the mud with pigs. Instead, the singer cleaned up street trash as part of a court mandate.

Boy George Service Photo
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