Scarlett Johansson Wouldn't Do Anything for Love ... or at Least Meatloaf

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Uh-oh. Scarlett Johansson is daring to mess with the Loaf.

The actress reportedly turned down a request from Meatloaf to sing a duet for his cover of the acclaimed Celine Dion hit, "It's All Coming Back to Me Now."

Scarlett Johansson, Red Hair

Loaf allegedly first asked Johansson - who can definitely sing, according to Hugh Jackman - before reaching out to other actresses, who all turned him down.

The gig eventually went to Norwegian singer Marion Raven. The song appears on Meatloaf's new album "Bat Out of Hell III," which drops October 31. How many times can this bat get out of Hell without really annoying Satan?

No one knows why Johansson turned Meatloaf down - but those that recall his strange duet with Katharine McPhee during American Idol last year may not question the actress' decision very much.

It was more awkward than the next time Mel Gibson walks into a temple. Or close to it, at least.


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