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There is a line between dysfunctional and meaningless.

That psycho Cami was very wrong last week when she named Kyndra and Tyler the most dysfunctional couple in Laguna. To be dysfunctional, there has to be something there, and in this case there just isn’t.

Tyler’s Gucci shoes (which he wore to walk on the f&*king beach) have a more meaningful relationship with the dude than does Kyndra.

For a couple whose greatest commonality is a pair of matching sunglasses, an extraneous hook-up shouldn’t mean much. So, why make it the focus of an entire episode of Winter Formal happenings? It makes less sense than that cliché-saturated graduation speech made to Alex H. in Season Two, but hey, this is Laguna Beach. Why question it.

Tessa’s relationship with herself, meanwhile, is more dysfunctional than the vacuous coupling of Kyndra (pictured) and Tyler. The girl said she was actually looking forward to going to Formal sans a male companion and instead with her girlfriends. [THG NOTE: Doesn’t this only work when everyone else is dateless as well?]

In the end, she definitely did not have as much fun as Rocky, who screamed so hard she lost her voice (which sounded much better when gone, frankly).

Spouting melancholy ruminations of her future, Tessa insisted she would still be boyfriend-less come prom time… at least until the producers can work their magic and concoct some miraculous, puzzling union — Lauren Conrad / Jason Wahler style.

Aside from the Cameron-Kyndra hook-up that no one saw coming (aside from the fact that Cam hooks up with everyone in sight) and Tessa’s dances, the glitzed-out Winter Formal was surprisingly dull.

Tyler’s nervy sister Nikki watched Kyndra lose her morals but not her shoes as she whispered sexy somethings into Cameron‘s ear, which we’re sure were compelling. The eavesdropper, though totally loving her $6,000 monthly shopping sprees, felt tragically torn between a friend and a brother.

Over-the-top dance inquiries seem to be a staple for Laguna Beach. Kyndra’s pizza plea, Lexie’s limo proposal, Rocky’s oceanfront picnic and Tessa’s pathetic attempts at dates are par for the course. We’ll be right back on the couch next week eagerly anticipating more.