Justin Timberlake to Clay Aiken: Back Off!

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No, this isn't another instance of Justin Timberlake hurling insults at an American Idol contestant.

Justin Timberlake BETRAYAL!

It's simply an example of the popularity of JT, as his album, FutureSex/LoveSounds, finished atop the charts for a second consecutive week. It held off the release from Clay Aiken, during a week that saw five albums top 100,000 in sales and five debut in the Top 10.

Sales of the Timberlake disc were down nearly 70 percent from the previous week, when it opened with the biggest first-week sales by a solo artist this year. Maybe that's because Janet Jackson told all her friends to stay away from it.

Aiken trailed by 12,000 copies as A Thousand Different Ways finished with 205,000, about a third as many copies of his 2003 post-Idol debut, Measure of a Man.

Checking into the third spot on the list was Fergie with her solo debut, The Dutchess.

Country star - short-time Renée Zellweger husband - Kenny Chesney roped in the four spot with his concert disc, Live: Those Songs Again, which sold 137,000 copies.

John Mayer recorded the other 100K-plus sales week, as his Continuum moved 133,000 units at number- five. He still isn't dating Jessica Simpson, by the way.

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