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Good news for all those that didn’t have TiVo during halftime of Super Bowl XXXVIII: Janet Jackson’s boobs are coming back.

The singer, who caused a furor when she flashed a breast at the big game in 2004, appears bare-chested in her new video for the single “So Excited.” Although nipples are never clearly visible, Jackson’s clothes disappear in a number of shots and she quickly reaches up to cover her bare breasts.

Janet Jackson Points
(Getty Images)

This seems to be the opposite tact taken by Elizabeth Hurley these days.

“You’d think she’d have learned from that whole [Super Bowl] debacle,” said a fan. “The girl just can’t help herself.”

And this is a problem because?

Meanwhile, Janet is saying that she’s never seen herself as sexy, while blaming older brother Michael Jackson for her issues with her body.

“My brother Michael used to tease me,” Jackson tells the new issue of Giant. “We’re very close, but he was very adamant about the way I looked, the way I should look. He thought my butt was too big. Maybe he wasn’t completely happy with himself, so he put it on me?

I’m just guessing here, but looking back now, I know that in adolescence your body changes, and he would always tease people left and right about something. When his own body started to change … he became a lot more introverted.”

And insane.

Meanwhile, yes folks, Giant is a real magazine. It was started by Kate Bosworth in regard to how much of an anorexic she is.