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Tick … tock. Tick … tock.

The time running out on how long Kevin Federline will be in the news? Perhaps. But the countdown is also on for Drew Barrymore, as the actress hopes to mothera child or two in the near future.

“I definitely feel the beginnings of a tick tock,” Barrymore, 31, tells InStyle in its September issue. “Whether I have children or adopt ��” whatever form a family comes in, I would absolutely love to have it.”

Stormi Webster Speaks!!!

The 12-year old cocaine addict sure has come a long way. She’s been been getting more domestic in her advanced age, having won a Project Runway-style dressmaking contest on the set of her new movie, Lucky You.

She also says she plans to start saving sewing kits from the hotels she stays in with her boyfriend, Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti. Is that legal? Whatever, it’s a better hobby than blowing chunks in public.

Another thing has changed as she’s Barrymore has aged; she’s become more comfortable in her skin.

“You learn to love your body,” she says. “You can’t look at models and feel bad about yourself. I’m not the kind of girl who can stuff her face with pasta all the time and not gain weight.”

To stay healthy, “I’ve been running and doing yoga and Pilates, and I love the way it makes my mind and body feel,” she says. “I really don’t obsess about it.”

Despite these urges to become a mom, even if she has to do it Angelina Jolie-style (no, not tanging Brad Pitt, but adopting), one of Charlie’s Angels still can’t get used to the adult world.

“Am I going to walk home from work one day … and realize I’m a homeowner? That I run a production company and have responsibilities and a long-term relationship?” she says.

Let’s hope so. Otherwise 50 First Dates would actually be turning into a reality.

“All of those things are so adult. I keep wondering when it’s going to hit me. Maybe it never will. And that’s okay.”