Jamie Foxx, Character Actor, Doesn't Wish to be Tom Cruise or Will Smith

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He's an Oscar winner and one of the more popular actors in Hollywood. Nevertheless, Jamie Foxx doesn't see his future as a leading man.

"You've got to have a character that you can take now and you're happy to be known for ... I've been lucky - in Any Given Sunday it was Willie Beamen; in Collateral it was Max; and in Ali it was Bundini. That's where I believe I'm at my best," he said.

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"To be the leading man, it's about the celebrity and the looks and it's tough to do that. People who do it great are people like Tom Cruise and Will Smith - they're built for that."

Foxx says he's more of a "character guy." He's also not insane. Or the father of an imaginary baby.

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