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We’re not sure what else Jessica Simpson said. We’ll get to the rest in a minute. First, we wanted to focus on that tongue thing.

“A naughty secret?” Jessica teases in a recent interview. “I have a very … long … tongue.”

Following her impression of Gene Simmons from KISS, there’s little doubt this beauty is telling the truth. The only thing bigger may be her breasts. We’re just sayin!

As everyone knows, impressive body parts aside, it’s been a difficult year for Simpson. Maybe you heard that her and Nick Lachey broke up. She’s coping, however.

The Hollywood Gossip

“With anything in life that we go through, there are always things that are thrown in our way to try to trip our step,” Jessica said. “But I believe in just staying steadfast.”

And, yes, she knows what steadfast means!

“The thing that keeps me going,” she continued, “is my faith in knowing that what I’m doing is what I’m meant to be doing.”

For awhile now, that activity has been preparing songs for her latest CD, ” A Public Affair.” The video came out a couple weeks ago, but the album hits shelves Auguest 29.

There’s also another movie in the works, this one starring hilarious man, Dane Cook. It’s called Employee of the Month and Jess said the shooting “kept me on my toes … it was a hard time in my life, but it was great to be surrounded by laughter, and it was great to be in New Mexico – which is a place of serenity. It’s really calming.”

ALSO, Simpson and Cook will team up to host the Teen Choice Awards later this month. By the time Employee of the Month comes out on October 6, people may be sick of Jessica.

Then again, look at her.