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Christie Brinkley visted the rustic Long Island village of Sag Harbor on Saturday for some relaxation. And shopping.

According to the New York Daily News, the ever-dazzling cover girl blew in like a cool summer breeze, wearing a white lace sundress, sandals and that killer smile known worldwide. As she sauntered down Main Street, smitten Sag citizens stopped and shouted support for the strolling, shopping supermodel.

Brinkley smiled and waved back to the admirers standing in front of high-end boutiques and restaurants. As she walked toward the Sag Harbor Variety store with an unidentified young woman in her 20s, the clearly taken passers-by nodded their approval.

Christie Brinkley Poses on Yacht

“She’s gorgeous,” they gushed.

“Beautiful,” said one.

“A goddess,” said another.

No one uttered a word about the beauty’s recent trouble with estranged husband Peter Cook. The Hamptons architect has publicly apologized for doing his assistant, 19-year-old Diana Bianchi, and met with Brinkley late last week. Christie has yet to say a word about the affair publicly.

The 52-year old certainly didn’t seem to be weighed down by marital misfortune yesterday, looking carefree, upbeat and happy as ever.

In fact, when she saw Daily News photographer John Roca, she took time to compliment him on an exclusive photo of her he took for Thursday’s paper.

“That was a nice picture,” she told Roca.

At the variety store, the supermodel was like any other mom, checking out and buying a plastic water slide, float and pump for her kids to use in the pool at her $22 million Hamptons mansion.

As Brinkley left the store, she laughed out loud when Roca gestured to the fans watching her every move.

“It’s kind of like a runway,” he said.

“Yeah, it is, but the wind’s blowing the wrong way,” replied Christie. “I’m sorry you got stuck with this assignment again. It’s such a heat wave.”

The Daily News escorted her to the Lexus, which she pointed out was a hybrid, not a gas-guzzling SUV. She then drove off, leaving everyone breathless.