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Man, that headline was too easy. But we couldn’t pass it up once we heard that Prince and his wife of five years, Manuela Testolini Nelson, filed for divorce on May 24, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Testolini Nelson, 29, used to work for Paisley Park Studios, the recording and production complex Prince opened outside Minneapolis back in 1987.

The Minnesota native wed his bride in 2001 in a small, secret Jehovah’s Witness ceremony in Hawaii, with the Manuela taking her husband’s name.

Prince at 2016 NAACP Image Awards in 2016
(Getty Images)

For those of you unfamiliar with the man who once changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol in a show of resentment to his record label, Prince is actually Prince’s given name, and he actually has a last name, too — Prince Rogers Nelson was born in 1958.

While Prince was releasing a number-one album, 3121, performing on SNL and American Idol, getting into legal trouble for painting his trademark symbol and the 3121 logo on the house he is renting from NBA star Carlos Boozer, and making his usual cryptic comments, his bride has been running Gamillah Inc., which houses a production company, a line of designer candles and other businesses.

This was Prince’s second marriage. His first, to backup singer and dancer Mayte Garcia, was annulled in 1998 after two years.

Speaking of legal documents involving Prince, Britain’s HM Publishing Holdings filed a trademark lawsuit against the artist’s NPG Music Club (named after his former band, the New Power Generation) website on July 3, protesting its use of the “NPG” moniker. The company believes it owns license over the acronym with its Nature Publishing Group, or NPG.

Prince’s attorney has said that his client’s right to use the name is not in jeopardy and that the recent decision to shut down the site had nothing to do with the lawsuit against him. The Gossip has long been an unabashed Prince fan, and while we never wish to see him having trouble, we’re hopeful for more news about this eccentric singer soon.