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A mean British chef and an assortment of aspiring You Got Served wanna-bes? Nothing helps a station garner better ratings during the summer months. Hence, Fox’s easy decision to renew two of its reality TV shows.

The network ordered up third seasons of the popular series So You Think You Can Dance and Hell’s Kitchen for 2007.

“These shows have been integral to our summer success, and we are excited to be bringing them back next season,” Peter Liguori, president of entertainment for Fox Broadcasting, said.

The Hollywood Gossip

Consider So You Think You Can Dance to be an American Idol for the happy feet crowd. It hit the air the day after Taylor Hicks was declared the Idol winner and drew in 10.8 million viewers still hungry for embarrassing auditions and the whittling away of self-esteem … with the occasional dazzling performance mixed in.

A two-part season finale of this season airs Aug. 9 and 16.

Meanwhile, Hell’s Kitchen, imports a Simon Cowell clone in British cook, Gordon Ramsey. He yells a lot, acting as Lucifer of pots and pans while a group of hopefuls aim to become America’s next big whisking expert. Somehow, viewers enjoy this.

The show airs Mondays at 9 p.m. and has been pulling in more than 7.4 million people each week.