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We hope Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest has enjoyed its record-breaking box office take. It may see its numbers toppled in about one year.

Shrek 3 is expanding on its already well-known slew of celebrity voices. All of the returning players are back: Cameron Diaz, Mike Myers, Antonio Banderas, Eddie Murphy. But it’s also shaping up to be more a Saturday Night Live reunion of sorts. New to the genre will be:

  • Maya Rudolph (Rapunzel)
  • Amy Sedaris (Cinderella)
  • Amy Poehler (Snow White)
  • Cheri Oteri (Sleeping Beauty)

Reportedly, the women will form an “elite, ninja-like strike force of fairy tale princesses” to help stop Prince Charming from storming the city of Far, Far Away and seizing the throne. How much fun does that sound like?!?

Other famous friends in the cartoon cast will be:

  • Ian McShane (Captain Hook)
  • John Krasinski (Sir Lancelot)
  • Justin Timberlake (A young King Arthur)

The triquel hits theaters on May 18, 2007. We can’t wait.