Angelina Jolie Nude, Pregnant Pics Taken

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What, you thought Britney Spears cornered the market on being nude and pregnant?

Angelina Jolie has a thing or two to say on the matter; or at least a few portraits to combat Britney's Harpers Bazaar photo shoot.

Saint Angelina

The female half of Brangelina commissioned American artist Don Bachardy to paint three murals of her during different stages of her pregnancy. Oddly enough, though, Jolie doesn't seem to crave the same, never-ending publicity as Spears.

The revealing paintings may never been seen by the public, as they're likely to remain in Angelina's private collection. According to a source:

"Angelina has asked [Bachardy] not to talk about or show the portraits to anyone."

The artist - who has also painted Hollywood legends Rita Hayworth, Jack Nicholson (not naked and/or pregnant, presumably) and Bette Davis - flew to Paris and Namibia to paint Jolie before she gave birth to Shiloh Nouvel last month.

None of this seems very fair. Brad Pitt gets to see Angelina naked all the time. All The Gossip asks for is a mural above our fireplace to bow down to every night. Is that really too much?


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Yeah, yeah, we've confirmed that already.

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