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With his divorce almost complete, Nick Lachey is free to roam. He’s certainly taken advantage of that fact recently.

Following the Antonio Tarver/Bernard Hopkins boxing match Saturday night, Lachey headed out to Borgata’s Mixx night club. At this hot spot, however, it became apparent that an old relationship was not down for the count.

When Jessica’s Simpson ex-husband left the Atlantic City joint around 4 a.m., he wasn’t alone. On his arm? MTV veejay, Vanessa Minnillo.

Nick Lachey and Peta Murgatroyd

In March, this duo was romantically linked, but the flame seemed to have been extinguished weeks ago. In Minnillo’s place, Lachey had boinked almost every ovary-laden companion that came his way. Reportedly, the most recent conquest was Paris Hilton buddy, Kim Kardashian.

On this night, though, Vanessa and Nick just had to live on a prayer. As that classic Bon Jovi tune blared into the night, the pair locked eyes, pumped fists and – we can only assume – ended the evening as only Tommy and Gina would.