Rodney King Beating Video

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The infamous video of police beating Rodney King in 1991. The case became famous for highlighting police brutality nationally.

yeah fuck the police and fuck every fucking white piece of shit ppl ;)

@ Musttt

ok bros stop swearing


What those police officers did is very uncalled for and unnecessary, my opinion of this doesn't have more than one view point. But Rodney King should have not put him self in the position to be beating, not saying that he deserved it, he was a criminal. So to me everyone is guilty. We cant just point the finger at white-people, its to everyone, because look at today and compare it to the days of martin luther king. Black people have changed and spread apart, we just cant come together when we hear about one of our kind has been struck done with no defense and if the outcome is or is not in our favor go back to black on black crimes.When have to make a difference about things not be 2 faced. This is the view point of a 13 year old black girl.


Typically ignorant comment by a typically ignorant people denise and terry. One does wonder though how you feel about living in the world you do these days, with mostly black people filling the music charts, thereby spurning all related fashion, behaviours, and culture. Might as well lump sport into it as well, as most of the 'popular' sports, are dominated by black people too....what it is to be the master class huh lol, niggas be laughing their ass off atcha everyday, guess that makes you the nigga these days don't it


@Denise You sound like your ignorant foreposter by the comment that you made and are helping to perpetuate the hate. Nice job! (In my most sarcastic voice) @Terry If you truly feel that people need to be beat based on the color of their skin than I hope that you NEVER find yourself in the same predicament or judgement that you have placed on others. Mr. King was able to forgive these men for what they did. We should all be so lucky to be inspired by his belief of forgiveness.


Fuck u terry go fuck ur sister lik u been doin also ur most. Likely is a product of a nig since your forfathers loved nig pussy lmao


Dam dat nig deserved a beating like all nigs but not like that dam


Racism still the biggest problem in america. All these police should serve life imprisonment. America fucking wake up!!

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Rodney King is most famous for the beatdown he took at the hands of white police officers in Los Angeles in the early 1990s, with their... More »
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