Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion Fight

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Check out this video of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion fight that left multiple people injured.

While I do not condone violence of any sort, Joseline has been picked on and ridiculed endlessly by almost everyone (female) on Love and Hip Hop. There is a breaking point to everything.

@ Hollywood gossip

So many ways to skin a cat no excuse for joseline behaviour yes they push her to that point but showing that your lady is more priceless than acting like a wild animal..... words can do more damage than physical harm... i actually have pity on joseline i think she needs serious help there's something more going on with her she needs professional help someone to talk to who will not judge her.... i don't think she can handle the celebrity life style.


Oh My lord! seriously Please we are so tired of seeing all this Violence on national tv it is Enough going on in the real life of everyday people, Please get rid of Joseline , this young lady really needs to Enter a Rehab Center. YOu think this show brings more audience, it is bringing it down, WHY? she really needs help and Our young children and young people of color,are being Killed on the street by Police, and being on love and hip hop is not the life, I do not want my kids thinking that THAT is the life, MONA you need to seriously make some changes, the show is not even positive on any level, but I can see that you are on the same level. these woman on the show are in the Forty's and I know you are older than that,, Please we need to remove or cancel the show, they all have made there money, and have had there fifteen minutes of fame, Please let us boycott this show, and maybe we can get someone else to produce something that has some kind of creative thoughts.

Mia gibson

joseline karlie both need to be fired out love hip hip atlantas joseline karlie were both wrong bad for how they behave. bezino stevie were both wrong bad for how they behave. as well they need to be fired out althea and bambi shouldnt have to deal with that also.

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