Lamar Odom Watch: Where is He Now?

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Reports this summer have said Odom was missing, then found, then in rehab, then out of rehab. Here are the latest details and rumors.

He Looks Horrible -
He Knows This Is Something Serious.
Most People Cannot Just Quit This Addiction Overnight


Lamar Odom: Rehab, Straight Edge Basketball Player & Get back with Khloe Kardashian again.


Khloe, all I can say NOW is, GOD has been letting you BREEZE through each day, and make your decisions, atleast I HOPE that they are your OWN, and not Kris's. One thing you can be VERY VERY glad for, is that you never had a CHILD from Lamar. Remember, if it was MEANT to be, it WOULD BE, but apparently, GOD thought NOPE not this husband.

Tonya rios

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@ Tonya Rios

Tonya, are you a HOOKER to be pulling in that kind of cash. What kind of WORK do you do? Other than?

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