Lamar Odom Crack Video

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Former NBA basketball star Lamar Odom raps in this video from 2013 - and which has resurfaced in mid-2015 for new, tragic reasons.

In the video, Odom and his close pal Jamie Sangouthai rap about him cheating on then-wife Khloe Kardashian, among other things.

The video was already sad, given how many fans speculated that Odom was on crack; the athlete has battled addiction in the past.

It was also believed to have been the nail in the coffin for Khloe, who was still considering taking the straying Odom back before this.

Fast forward to June 14, 2015, and Jamie Sangouthai is dead at the age of 37. He was Lamar's best friend, and even his best man.

Sangouthai's cause of death has not been revealed, but given his ties to Odom and his drug problems, this video is even more eerie.

As for Lamar and Khloe Kardashian getting back together, we have no idea if that will ever happen, but both are taking this very hard.

"When does it stop?" Khloe wrote on Twitter Sunday, including with her message a broken heart emoji. "RIP Jamie Sangouthai."

Added her BFF Malika Haqq on Instagram:

"Thru good and bad times life shows us every spirit matters and leaves a print on the hearts of others after they have passed."

"RIP Jamie Sangouthai #GodHelpUsAll."


the must feel like F@ggots now?


They're either stoned, drunk or both. Not necessarily, cracked up.

@ John

No weed doesn't do that to you he probably drunk and off Coke
People always say Crack
Crack and coke are 2 different drugs lamar Odom is to rich for crack
He is drunk and of the powder I know I've seen this combo many times

@ David

David, they are not on any kind of upper. Neither one could speak coherently. Coke..crack..uppers. You would think the rich people would choose the more expensive product but are you forgetting poor Whitney? (God rest her) I'm with John on this, I just hope he get's well. I hope he does not meet a tragic end. This is just very sad.

@ David

Whatever it is, I hope he overcome


Lamar Odom,,, omg really wht u doing ;/


Are they naked together?


Pendejo... Why are they naked....together??


He so messed up, I can't understand nothing either one is saying. All the words are slurred together. And why do they have their shirts off!!


This is some real sad shit:And to be leaked out for financial gain/no loyalty amongst destroy a mans career,surely the Sayers will not have the last say!


Always been jealous and helped cause their disaster!!!!

@ Dawn

I totally agree with you. Jaime is no friend to Lamar. He needs to end his friendship with Jaime because he is nothing but bad news and a bad influence who is trying to come up off his "friend." Jaime clearly uses Lamar for whatever he can get out of him.


Crack rap


Cindy, I disagree

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