Kanye West flips the eff out on a TMZ cameraman in this video. He does not want anyone talking to him!

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i can't even understand why Kim would even have a baby with this guy! i can't stand his music and he comes across like a total douche bag,a total dick! Maybe now that he is a father(poor child)he will soften up a little bit, but me and other friends and family highly doubt it! Good luck Kim,but you haven't had good choice in men anyways. I really fill bad for the baby! Get it together both of you.....geeeeez!!!!!!




Kanye West HATES the average poor person ... just look at his clothing line. Lies ... and bullshit.
I'm certain you don't actually care, based on your public personae ... MONEY, MONEY, MONEY,.... MORE ... MORE... MORE ... Doesn't matter your income ... just give me MORE, MORE MORE.


Some men don't take kindly to his kind of behavior. I wonder if he and Alec Baldwin have the same therapist. Two jerks that unfortunately have fathered children. I hope the kids don't take after them. I would not buy anything that Alec or Kanye have anything to do with. Two jerks and legends in their own minds.


I hope the newborn child of Kanye doesn't have a temper like this. I wonder how long Miss K will be in picture with this guy. I guess he is immune to a good clock cleaning.


What the F*ck is wrong with Kim K for picking a fool like that to be the baby daddy! She is going to be sorry!!! His temper sucks! Who the hell does he think he is???


Kanye West is, and has always been, a jerk!! He is famous in his own mind, but not with the rest of us. Aren't his fifteen minutes up by now?


West acts like a SKITZO. Maybe the idea of being a DADDY and having to get MARRIED is driving him NUTS.Geez, I wonder if he KNOWS he is the DADDY, or was it the INFERTO that worked for Kim??? Kim better make dam sure who the father really is before things really get outta hand. He has a horrible TEMPER and is used to being the BOSS of anything and EVERYTHING.


Who the hell does he think he is? I know people with just as much money as he has and they are nice. He is an out and out piiece of shit and! dislike him, Kim and all of the Kardashians that he is assoiated with.
Paparazzi trying to make a dollar and human and should be treated as such. When they talk good about him then he is fine with them.
Whew get riid of all of them

Christy m coleman

Who would really want to talk to his low life cheating ass anyway? Won't change his own baby's diaper? what a POS.......

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