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Floyd Mayweather and T.I. get it on here during a brawl on the Vegas strip. Watch the craziness unfold now!

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Floyd Mayweather: I F--ked T.I.'s Wife!

Floyd Mayweather appears to say that he was "f--king his b--ch" regarding T.I.'s wife.

Tameka "Tiny" Cottle Snubs Floyd Mayweather

T.I.'s wife snubbed the boxing champ at the recent BET Awards. T.I. and Mayweather got into a physical confrontation recently.

Floyd Mayweather to TI: These Hoes Ain't Loyal!

Floyd Mayweather taunts TI in the hours after their fight. Sounds like someone wants a rematch!

Floyd Mayweather Apologizes to T.I.'s Wife

Floyd Maywrather is not sorry that he tried to beat up T.I. But he is sorry that he referred to T.I's wife as a "bitch."

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Why am I not surprised on these children's behaviors, I don't understand why these adults have to keep acting like children. I guess when you have money and fame you don't have to act civilized, whatever the reason was, the fight could have been prevented, I don't know who started but it seems that more and more celebrities are acting more like uneducated disrespectful people. No class whatsoever. You know that the more you see this kind of behavior the less you want to watch tv especially Mr Mayweather, I've seen his fights and I don't think he is that champion anymore, because no matter how much of a competition another fighter gives him as long as he doesn't get knocked out, he still is the champion. So, to me all he does is dance around and give a few punches and he still wins the championshiop, come on, you call that a champion? Boring


Really? Floyd Mayweather?? Really T.I.? Don't nobody want Tiny but you! Stop, just stop!

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